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Sequoia Legacy

Sean Patrick Smith 
Reilly Kathleen Smith


Photo by Heidi Rabstejnek

Years removed from attempting to alter tragedy by slipping through time, what remains of the McCarthy inner circle contends with a new curiosity in Seven Lakes, North Carolina. 
The survivors of the Sequoia anomaly befriend an autistic man who has an inherent ability to sense when others are in danger. Seventeen-year-old Sebastian Arthur is a superior athlete who consistently puts himself at risk to help others, and he has yet to learn from where the impetus comes. 
Sebastian immerses himself in this role, incurring injuries and unwittingly revealing illicit activity in his quiet lakeside community.

With the help of Father Baumann, the intuitive Catholic priest from Three Miles of Eden, the friends begin to unravel the unlikely source of Sebastian’s second sight and identify criminals in their midst.

Meanwhile, Esmerelda Ricardez runs from her captors in rural South Carolina, tracking her sister, from whom she was separated when they arrived in the United States. Before their smuggled Tracfones ran out of minutes, the sisters exchanged a final message: A GPS pin drop in North Carolina and a picture of a water tower.

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